How to make macrame

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Want to discover the old technique of making knots, the macrame technique iwith new elements? You are not the only one. And I wanted it a couple of years ago and after studying, many hours of knotting I still want it, day by day. I learn and enrich my macrame knowledge because the possibilities are endless.

Whether you do not know where to start, whether you have already know something from macrame or just want to perfect your macrame knowledge I am here to help you. What you can do to get started is:

1. Free Macrame manual
Macrame manual will give you a great introduction to the macrame and information such as: choosing twine, basic macrame knots … The manual is a really great place to start! You can request it HERE

2. Instagram Fantea
Here on my Instargam profile @fantea_macrame you will find videos of how to make basic macrame knots and get basic information about the tools and materials used in macrame.

3. Macrame workshops
Macrame workshops are the best place where you will get first hand information, make a macrame decoration and take it home along with a lot of macrame knowledge. Schedule, prices, what’s going on there and how to sign up you can found HERE

4. Group reservations
Do you have a group of friends, acquaintances … in your hometown who are interested in private macrame instructions? Contact me for more details on group bookings. I come to your city with all the necessary materials and hold a macrame workshop.

To keep up to date with all the news about macrame you can simply follow Fantea macrame on social media by clicking on the links below!

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Fantea news arrive at your e-mail address once a month. This way you can have exclusive access to special offers first (before releasing them to the general public) and find out firts news from Fantea macrame studio.


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