My name is Mateja Fanuko and I stand behind the Fantea brand. I make macrame decorations in various forms: wall decorations, flower holders, macrame leaves, curtains, tablecloths, rainbows, baskets, jewelry, photo backgrounds and photo props …. I have been makeing macrame for many years now and I am very skilled at it. You can found my macrame pieces in many homes all around  the world. Fantea is my small brand and business that is nicely growing day by day thanks to you.

You can buy ready-made Fantea macrame in the Shop here. I also make a lot to order. You say your ideas and wishes, and I turn them into a real macrame object. You can see some of them in the In Your Homes category.

Macrame workshops are also a great joy for me. I really love teaching macrame because it is wonderful skill for body and soul. Therefore, on fanteadiy.com, in addition to the macrame I make, you will also find:
– Do it your self macrame packages and tips where I teach you how to make macrame by yourself… more
– Macrame workshops. You can check current dates here (… more).

You can find more photos of my macrame work and from my private life on my social media profiles:
Facebook: @fanteamacrame
Instagram: @fantea_macrame

Do you want to know more? I am at your disposal via e-mail: fanteaa (at) gmail.com or phone +385 98 932 7701. I will be glad to hear from you!